–Tools to Understand Contemporary Art, lecture by art consultant Julie Belfer

–Photography as a starting point - Ana Bellenzier, Biel Carpenter, Charly Tecchio, Eduardo Freitas, Mauricio Vieira and Tom Lisboa – Curatorship by Juliane Fuganti
– José Gonçalves - My World in Cuttings
– Major exhibition in the circuit of galleries for the International Curitiba Biennial - André Mendes, Annette Starbek, Cristina Jardanovsky, Eduardo Freitas, Julia Ishida, Juliane Fuganti, Laura Miranda, Mônica Infante and Samuel Dickow - Curatorship by Keila Kern
– Galleries and Art Market – Workshop - Haus, Gazeta do Povo, Zilda Fraletti and André Mendes
– Mariana Canet – Photographs - Torriton Pátio Batel

– Zimmermann – The Creator of Atmospheres – Exhibition celebrating the 30th anniversary of the gallery
–Africa – Tradition and Rupture – Sculptures and objects of African art
– Erwin Zaidowicz – Modularity/the Dimension
– Mariana Canet – Movement and Time

– Exhibition of M.C.Escher Facsimile Prints – 16 images selected from the most appreciated works of the Dutch artist, printed in limited edition and stamped with the seal of authenticity of M.C. Escher Foundation, the copyright holder on the artist’s works
The Gallery is the official exclusive representative in Brazil
– Elisa Lobo - Embroidering the History of Art
– Exhibition of M.C Escher Facsimile Prints – Saint Mix, Joinville, SC
– Plan and Relief – Andréia Las, Dulce Osinski, Glauco Menta, Juliane Fuganti, Marcelo Conrado and Teca Sandrini - Curatorship by Antonio Carlos Suster Abdalla. This exhibition is part of the 20th International Curitiba Biennial.

– Carlos Eduardo Zimmermann - Monoprints
– Marcelo Paciornik – Playing with Angels and other oil paints
– Participation in the Berliner-Liste – Fair for Contemporary Art in Berlin - Annette Skarbek, Juliane Fuganti and Marcelo Conrado
– Sérgio Póvoa Pires – Psyche – Watercolours. Participation of Alexandre Linhares, who created a dress made of tinted watercolour fabric, and Dudu Montani, who designed the light chair (cadeiraLeve), with the image created by the artist.

– Carlos Eduardo Zimmermann – Mother’s Day with Art
– Wilson Pinto - Explosions
– André Mendes
– Carlos Eduardo Zimmermann, Juliane Fuganti, Simone Tanaka e Ana Serafin - Art and Jewellry at Saad’s
– Equivalent to Stieglitz, curatorship by Marco Antonio Portela – Photography Week in Curitiba
– Partnership with the 6th VentoSul – the Curitiba Biennial
– Book and Exhibition of Karlos Richbieter – GRAPHICS – copies and amusing distortions
– Raphael Langowski - paintings
– Sampaio – All or Nothing

– First Art Exhibition in San Remo – Exhibition with the participation of Carlos Eduardo Zimmermann, José Gonçalves, Juliane Fuganti and Marcelo Conrado
– Simone Tanaka – A Dialogue between Looks
– Juliane Fuganti and Laura Miranda - Zenith
– 50 Years on Air – The TV Trajectory in Paraná – Secretaria de Estado da Cultura do Paraná
– Curatorship of the photographic exhibition to pay homage to the five decades of television in Paraná, from the perspective of five photographers from Paraná: Orlando Azevedo (the 1960s), Vilma Slomp (1970), Nego Miranda (1980), Marcelo Dallegrave (1990) and Pedro Nossol (the first decade of the 21st century)

– Carlos Eduardo Zimmermann and Enio Lippmann – Shared Universe
– Juliane Fuganti and Marcelo Conrado - El Color de La Memoria – Casa do Brasil Madri (Spain)
– José Gonçalves - Evoking Memories

– Curatorship of the exhibition Contemporaries in Paraná, at the Brasil Telecom Cultural Space, with plastic artists Dulce Osinski, Glauco Menta, Juliane Fuganti, Laura Miranda and Marcelo Conrado
– Assistance to the organisation of the exhibition Urban Memory by Juliane Fuganti and Marcelo Conrado, at the Alfredo Andersen Museum in Curitiba, and at the Chiado D’Arte Gallery in Lisbon
– Ana Serafin - Series – held at Vita Batel Cultural Space, Curitiba-PR
– Índia Filipin - Contrasts – held at Vita Batel, Curitiba-PR
– Osmar Carboni – Daydreams III – held at Vita Batel Cultural Space, Curitiba-PR
– Jô Sampaio – High-spirited, I’ll colour the hospital –– held at Vita Batel Cultural Space, Curitiba-PR
– Adriana Brzezinska - Liquid and Solid Bodies – held at Vita Batel Cultural Space, Curitiba-PR

– Janete Mehl – Water Mirror – exhibition and launching of the book
– Akiko Miléo and Cláudia de Lara - (Re)velations – held at Vita Batel Cultural Space, Curitiba-PR
– Elisiane Corrêa and José Mianutti - The boundaries of Freedom – held at Vita Batel Cultural Space, Curitiba-PR
– Nina Rosa – Recent Works of Nina Rosa - held at Vita Batel Cultural Space, Curitiba-PR
– Felipe Scandelari, Irani Spiacci, Sabine Feres: Three Contemporary Views – held at Vita Batel Cultural Space, Curitiba-PR
– Ana Serafin, Christina Araújo, Elisiane Corrêa, Giselma Cerqueira, Marilene Zanchet, Marlene Stamm, Michele Bruniera, Nina Rosa and Paulo Carapunarlo: Summer Exhibition – held at Vita Batel Cultural Space, Curitiba-PR
Rita Soliéri Brandt - Antares - Exhibition and launching of the book

– Curatorship of the exhibition Suene Santos’ Retrospective, at Brasil Telecom Art and Cultural Space, Curitiba-PR
– Black Africa, in partnership with Batel Design Center and Ethnic World (masks, statuettes, fabrics, pots and other objects from Sub-Saharan Africa)
– Creation of a partnership with Vita Batel Hospital, holding temporary exhibitions at Vita Batel Cultural Space, idealized within the concept of humanization of the hospital environment
– Estela Sandrini, Guita Soifer and Juliane Fuganti - held at Vita Batel Cultural Space, Curitiba-PR

– Simone Tanaka - Transparencies
– Christina Araújo – Season Change – paintings and photographs
– André Malinski, Armando Merege and Marlon de Azambuja - aniline merege marlondeazambuja

– Raphael Langowski – Jazz - at Full Jazz Hotel (1st anniversary celebration week)
– Carlos Túlio and Juliane Fuganti - Project 797 - Exhibition in Curitiba and New York, at Art at Format Gallery, in Soho.
– Richard Gallo Glass Art
– Michele Bruniera - Inside Out
– Fernando Velloso -The Safe Exercise of Form and Colour
– Between 1995 and 2002 – exhibitions of new artists at Mc Donald’s Batel Cultural Space, with the participation of approximately 70 artists

– Estela Sandrini – Not Everything is Revealed, and Juliane Fuganti – The Visible and the Invisible
– Gilberto Salvador – Visual Memories
– Erasto Eiras and Cida Colombo – A Look on the Feminine Beauty – Photography Exhibition
– M.Cavalcanti – Race Symbols
– José Antonio de Lima – Tools and Weapons
– Walton Hoffmann, Ana Durães, Manfredo Souzanetto and Mônica Barki (Brazil), Maria Causa, Márcia Schvartz and Alfi Vivern (Argentina) and Jose Franco (Cuba): Contemporary Look, Contemporary Aim

– Carlos Vergara, Gilberto Salvador, Marcello Nitsche and Emanoel Araújo, and Mario Cravo Neto’s photographs

– Suene Oliveira Santos – Exhibition in partnership with Centro Cultural Brasil-Espanha
– Jussara Age – Individual 97
– M.Cavalcanti – The Works and the Days

– Aldemir Martins, Carlos Scliar and Cláudio Tozzi – Recent Paintings
– Luiz Áquila and his paintings in Curitiba – in parallel with the exhibition held at MAC-PR and Alfredo Andersen Museum
– Flávio Scholles – A Village and its Universality

– Gilberto Salvador – 30 Years of Painting
– Burle Marx – exhibition of unpublished engravings
– Lucia Chiriboga, Xavier Lucas and Gloria Pedraza – participation in the 3rd International Curitiba Biennial of Photography

– Aldemir Martins – A Brazilian Engraver – unpublished engravings
–Sonia Menna Barreto – Minutiae in Surrealism – screen prints
– Carybé – unpublished screen prints

– Celina Lisboa – exhibition of sculptures

– Luiz Barth – Engravings from1970 to 1990

– Carlos Eduardo Zimmermann – exhibition of paintings
– Paulo Segall – exhibition of contemporary rugs
– Silvio Oppenheim – exhibition of paintings

1984 to 1988
– The start of activities by organising consortium groups for the acquisition of works of art, with monthly meetings on several topics related to art, when the artists would talk to the participants. At that time, about 500 works were sold, including the works of Carlos Scliar, Zimmermann, De Bona, Celso Coppio, Álvaro Borges, Juarez Machado, Antonio Maia, Enio Lippmann, Ruben Esmanhotto, Silvio Oppenheim, Armando Merege, among others.